3.5 powerdyne Supercharger

Joe Bowman's worlds fastest V6 Challenger
Our sponsored cars best run so far is 11:92@114 and keeps breaking that record every track visit.
Next track run scheduled for 2013 at Richmond Dragway. Supercharger for 3.5 Dodge Chrysler engines in Challenger Charger Magnum 300 Supercharge Forced Induction

3.5 Supercharger

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M-F 9:30am to 7:30pm EST

Wanna wake up your 3.5 Dodge or Chrysler motor in your Challenger, Charger, Magnum or 300?

Easy to install supercharger kits. See pricing below pictures

Click here for our Dyno test before and after on a 2010 Dodge Challenger SE

Video "How To Install" available for all buyers


We are located in the Virginia Beach area. Contact us for an install or to purchase a DIY kit

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3.5 Supercharger
3.5 Supercharger 3.5 Supercharger3.5 Supercharger3.5 Supercharger3.5 Supercharger
3.5 Supercharger3.5 Supercharger


Stage 2 kit comes with upgraded powerdyne headunit with ceramic bearings fiberglass internal belt,upgraded belt guides 2.90" pulley good for 6-7lbs of boost 305rwhp, mounting hardware, tune $2800.00+ shipping

Stage 3 kit comes with the Super Powerdyne upgraded with ceramic bearings improved impeller shaft fiberglass belt,racing impeller.upgraded belt guides,2.85" pulley 9-10 lbs of boost 315.rwhp mounting hardware and tune $3700.00 + shipping

Installation starts at $800.00 done at our facility
You must have your own Diablo Predator Tuner.


Q, Will my gas mileage change?
A. Depending on your supporting mods, you may actually see an increase in mpg.

Q, How much is a kit?
A. Pricing is at the bottom of the page just above this FAQ.

Q, How hard is the kit to install?
A. We can help walk you through the install at a hourly rate of $45.00hr 1hr minimum. Any ASE certified mechanic can do the install. Knowledge of forced air induction is a must.

Q, Do you do installs?
A. Yes Stage 2 $800.00 Stage 3 $1000.00

Q, Where are you located?
A. We are located in Va,Beach Va and Hilton Head SC.

Q, What kind of tuner do I need?
A. You can use the predator or trinity tuner.

Q, Can I use my own CMR dealer?
A. Yes Dynotuned is highly recommended.

Q, What are the recommended supporting mods?
A. Catback dual exhaust,ported throttle body, boost gauge and S Wide Band air fuel gauge are highly recommended?

Q, What are your hours of operation?
A. Monday thru Friday 9:30am - 7:30pm EST.